IVAC2 SDK Frequently Asked Questions

What is SVN?

SVN is a software versioning and revision control system which we use to store the FIR Definitions. It allows more people to work on the files at the same time.

I committed the data to SVN but I cannot see it in the IVAC2 launcher

The lead member of the dataprep team needs to publish the latest version for before it is available for public use. The server updates every 5 minutes so you need to wait after having uploaded to SVN.

I committed to SVN, but the portal does not let me publish

You should update the date in your config.fir file. If you already made a change on that date you also have to update the revision number. 

After an SVN update I cannot launch the software.

It is possible that some of the recently downloaded FIR data files are incorrect. Please check the log file which will indicate the issue.

How can I view the FIR Definition without releasing it for public use?

You can add the following line into your ivac.conf file: fir.dataprep= <local-pathname> where <local-pathname> points to a folder on your own computer which has local copies of FIR definitions. The folder being pointed to should itself have in it a separate folder for each FIR; usually this should be the location of your local SVN working copy.

In the SDD all of the colors have disappeared only black and white

There is likely an error in your mapcolors.xml or sddcolors.xml file, check the log file for errors.

Automatic Squawk code assignment

Data files have been created for this purposes, but the logic is not yet implemented.

Some FIRs contain other data files which are not in the documentation

In some cases they were created for test purposes, or perhaps in error. If they are not listed in the documentation you should not create them; the data format is still subject to change, and including them could cause errors.

How to start with a new FIR

Currently not all FIR's are represented in IVAC2. If you want to start work on a FIR that is not yet represented just apply for an account and provide as much details as possible during your account request. If you already have an account send a mail to [email protected] with the request to start on a specific FIR. If there is no active division, or the division has not made contact with T2 to create a DP team for that FIR, the first person to apply for that FIR will become the Lead. So before you want to start on a new FIR make sure that you have sufficient knowledge of the airspace.

I got accepted for a new FIR but there is no folder on SVN

As soon as you are accepted to create a new FIR, you can create the folder on SVN yourself.

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