Learn how to take full advantage of the technologies behind IVAC2. This guide is primarily focused towards division staff members responsible for implementing and maintaining the FIR definitions which are managed in the FIRDEF repository.

This document is the starting point for creating IVAC2 FIR Definitions (aka FIRDEF) and tweaking the configuration behind IVAC2. It describes the fundamental architecture behind FIR Definitions and the different configuration files, including lots of samples provided by the original designers. This document also offers practical guidance to help you make better choices during your design and planning phase and guides you to the other documents in the SDK that contain more detailed information about how to address a specific task.

A Great User Experience Is Rooted in Your Attention to Detail

It’s essential to keep the user experience uppermost in your mind as you design and change every aspect of IVAC2, from the way you define flight lists, to the colours used in maps and labels. Discover the guidelines that influence the look and behaviour of IVAC2, in matters both general and specific.

FIR Definitions

IVAC2 configuration files

Workflow Concepts

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