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This information window is typically left open in order to see communications from other controllers or pilots using text communication. Unread messages are shown in a highlighted colour; when clicked-on (to indicate they have been “read”) they will revert to the dimmed colour (they can be clicked again to revert to “un-read” if required).

Double-clicking on a message in the window will open a dialogue to reply to it:

  • if the original message in was a private message, the reply will be private.
  • if the original message in was a com frequency message, the reply will also be on the COM frequency but addressed with the callsign that sent to you

The window also logs your outgoing messages, both private, COM frequency, and CPDLC. All messages, both in and out, have a time-stamp showing when they were received or sent.

Outgoing messages are originated either by highlighting another controller or observer in the respective ATC/OBS lists… or by using the Pop Up Target menu in the case of pilots.

Please note that it is not possible to send a message to somebody outside your communication range.