Situation Data Display (SDD)

This is where you will see the “map” of the airspace you are controlling. Exactly what that map looks like will depend upon the data compiled by the “data preparation” team for your FIR, and you should consult the documentation provided by them for information regarding:

  • How to use “Presets” and “Maps” to customise the display
  • How to understand and interact with aircraft target labels
  • Use of colours to represent different concepts

as all of these will vary for each FIR.

The general concepts that you will need to understand in order to use the SDD are:

  • Pan around the map - either hold down the middle/wheel OR hold down the SHIFT key… and drag with the mouse
  • Change the magnification/zoom of the map - use the mouse wheel to zoom in and note. Note that some map details may only be displayed at certain magnifications.

IVAC2 has been designed in such a way as the use of panning-around and zooming in/out should be unnecessary in most situations as you can open INSET windows specific to other parts of the map.

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