Sectors are indivisible ATC units of airspace which are defined using one or a number of volumes. Sectors form the base for all coordination and AFTM calculations.

The sectors.xml file is located in the fir/sectors directory

idstringsector id - used when referring to the sector
firstringFIR in which the sector occurs (avoids duplicates)
name string sector name
callsign string Radio callsign of the sector
freqfrequencyRadio frequency of the sector
typestringType of sector (DEL, GND, TWR, APP, DEP, ACC, FSS)

The <sector> element must contain at least one volume if the type of unit is:

  • TWR
  • APP
  • DEP
  • ACC
  • FSS


<sector id="Y" fir="AFXX" name="Yellow sector" callsign="Somewhere Radar" freq="125.550" type="acc">
  <volume id="Y_Sect_1" />
  <volume id="Y_Sect_2" />