The sddcolors.xml file is used define a RGB color for each of the color codes used to draw elements on the SDD (radar display).

The colors are defined per FIR definition and allow you to define a look and feel as close as possible to the real life SDD for each FIR.

Root Element<colors>
track_unconcernedStandard color
track_concerned color for aircraft with station set as NEXT
track_assumed color for aircraft assumed by station
track_released color for aircraft released by station
track_ground color for aircraft where dep/arr state has not been detected
track_ground_arr color for arriving aircraft
track_ground_dep color for departing aircraft

The track_unconcerned and track_ground colours must be defined for labels to be displayed; if either of these colors are not defined, a default colour of high-intensity pink will be used to highlight the issue, and an entry will be made in the IVAC.log file.

A further set of special use colours are available:

Root Element<colors>
track_historyFull history of track
track_box_alertOutline of label in alert state
track_box_infoOutline of label in info state
track_extrapolateextrapolated flight plan route color
track_extrapolate_labelextrapolated flight plan route information label color NEW
track_emergTrack / label color of aircraft in emergency state
track_alertTrack / label color of aircraft in alert state
track_acasTrack / label color of aircraft in conflict alert
track_spicolor of squawk ident symbol
track_transfer_callsigncolor of callsign of a label in transfer state
track_transfer_nextcolor of next field of a label in transfer state
track_transfer_nextcolor of SI field of a label in transfer state
track_cflcolor of cleared flight level
track_rofcolor of ROF tag
track_pointoutOutline of label in pointout state
track_markOutline of label in mark state
track_nextcolor of NEXT controller indication
track_ground_nextcolor of NEXT controller indication in ground labels
qdmcolor of QDM line
veracolor of VERA lines
sepcolor of SEP tool

Each element should have the following information defined:

Root Elementcolors
idstringcolor name, used as color identification in the maps.
rbyteRGB color code (0-255)
gbyteRGB color code (0-255)
bbyteRGB color code (0-255)
abyteRGB opacity code (0-255)
brtstringName of Brightness group
textstringtest descriptor


    <color id="track_pointout" r="255" g="255" b="0"   brt="tracks" text="track - point out" />
    <color id="track_rof"      r="87"  g="224" b="79"  brt="tracks" text="track - ROF indication" />
    <color id="qdm"            r="255" g="105" b="220" brt="tracks" text="QDM" />
    <color id="sep"            r="255" g="105" b="220" brt="tracks" text="SEP tool" />