The mapsymbols.xml file is used to define symbols used in symbol elements.

The mapsymbols.xml file is located in the fir/theme/(theme_name) directory

Root Elementsymbols
namestringsymbol name (must be unique)

Each symbol is drawn using the same methods as used in maps:

The symbol is drawn using a cartesian system where the location of the symbol element is the centerpoint (0,0). The name attribute of a symbol is used in the symbol attribute of the symbol element.


    <symbol name="vor">
        <circle radius="3" segments="32" width="1" stroke_color="symbol_vor">
            <point x="0" y="0"/>
        <path stroke_width="1" stroke_color="symbol_vor" close="true">
            <point x="-3" y="3"/>
            <point x="3" y="3"/>
            <point x="0" y="-3"/>

Use the symbol defined above in a map:

<symbol id="vor" text="AFI" color="symbol_vor" lat="N0505428001" lon="E0040820000"/>