The mapcolors.xml file is used define a RGB color for each of the color codes used in the maps using the color= attribute. The colors are defined per FIR definition and allow you to define a look and feel as close as possible to the local real life ATM system.

The mapcolors.xml file is located in the fir/theme/(theme_name) directory

Root Elementcolors
idstringcolor name, used as color identification in the maps.
rbyteRGB color code (0-255)
gbyteRGB color code (0-255)
bbyteRGB color code (0-255)
abyteRGB color code (0-255)
brtstringValue of Brightness group
textstringtext to display for this color in the color editor

Note: If no Alpha value is specified, 255 (100% opacity) is used


    <color id="fir_bdry"     r="15" g="15"  b="15" a="120" text="FIR boundary" brt="airspace"/>
    <color id="airspace_low" r="50" g="50"  b="50" text="Airspace low" brt="airspace" />
    <color id="ebbr_ap_bdry" r="65" g="112" b="40" text="EBBR ground boundary" brt="airspace" />