Symbol element

Draw symbols representing navigation points (VOR, NDB, fixes, VFR reporting points, …) with or without a text label.

To insert a line break in the text label use /n in the text string.

Root Elementmap
idstringsymbol id used to draw the symbol (see symbols.xml)
textstringtext label
text_posstringdefines at which location relative to the symbol the tag shall be drawn
possible values are: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW
or use a value in degrees (N=0 E=90 S=180 NW=315)
latlatitudestring containing the latitude
lonlongitudestring containing the longitude
refpoint refstring containing the reference point id. (see points.xml)
xfloatcartesian X value (if lat/lon not used)
yfloatcartesian Y value (if lat/lon not used)
colorstringcolor id name


Draw VFR reporting points using a predefined symbol:

      <map id="VFR REP POINTS" name="VFR" threshold="150">
          <symbol id="vfr" text="TERNAT" lat="N0505216" lon="E0041014" color="VFR" />
          <symbol id="vfr" text="GRBIJG" lat="N0505231" lon="E0041626" color="VFR" />
          <symbol id="vfr" text="ATOM"   lat="N0505342" lon="E0042029" color="VFR" />
          <symbol id="vfr" text="BRUCAR" lat="N0505420" lon="E0042726" color="VFR" text_pos="N" />
          <symbol id="vfr" text="PEUTIE" lat="N0505555" lon="E0042748" color="VFR" />
          <symbol id="vfr" text="MECH"   lat="N0510042" lon="E0042746" color="VFR" />
          <symbol id="vfr" text="ABMECH" lat="N0510117" lon="E0043023" color="VFR" text_pos="270" />
          <symbol id="vfr" text="NOSSE"  lat="N0505210" lon="E0043038" color="VFR" />
          <symbol id="vfr" text="BERTEM" lat="N0505226" lon="E0043659" color="VFR" />

A map containing VOR points based on the points.xml file:

      <map id="VOR" name="VOR">
          <symbol id="vor" text="BBE" ref="BBE" color="VOR"/>
          <symbol id="vor" text="BBL" ref="BBL" color="VOR"/>
          <symbol id="vor" text="AFI" ref="AFI" color="VOR"/>
          <symbol id="vor" text="BIG" ref="BIG" color="VOR"/>
          <symbol id="vor" text="BUB" ref="BUB" color="VOR"/>
          <symbol id="vor" text="BUN" ref="BUN" color="VOR"/>

Use the tag attribute to avoid overlapping text labels