linestrip element

Use a linestrip element to draw a single point on the map.

patterndouble arrayline pattern described in an array of doubles
widthfloatline width in pixels
colorstringcolor id name
rbytecolor RGB value (0-255)
gbytecolor RGB value (0-255)
bbytecolor RGB value (0-255)

Each linestrip consists of at least three <point> elements where each <point> is connected to the next <point>.

The drawing can be written as:

  <linestrip color="myPredefinedColor">
      <point x="v0 x" y="v0 y" />
      <point x="v1 x" y="v1 y" />
      <point x="v2 x" y="v2 y" />
      <point x="v3 x" y="v3 y" />

Use linestrip instead of line to draw continues lines. The drawing performance will be much better than using single lines as in the old sectorfile format. (much less data to process)
This means that if you export an old sectorfile to the new map format, you need to remove the duplicate entries to improve performance.


The following code draws a rectangle (the first point is repeated at the end to close the loop):

  <linestrip color="myPredefinedColor">
      <point lat="N0504413" lon="E0043108"/>
      <point lat="N0504421" lon="E0042601"/>
      <point lat="N0504528" lon="E0042119"/>
      <point lat="N0504730" lon="E0041718"/>
      <point lat="N0504413" lon="E0043108"/>