Label element

Draw text labels on a map without an associated symbol.

To insert a line break use \n in the text string.

Root Elementmap
textstringtext label
text_posstringdefines at which location relative to the symbol the tag shall be drawn
possible values are: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW
or use a value in degrees (N=0 E=90 S=180 NW=315). If text_pos is not defined, the text will be drawn exactly on top of the point
latlatitudestring containing the latitude
lonlongitudestring containing the longitude
refpoint refstring containing the reference point id. (see points.xml)
xdoublecartesian X value (if lat/lon not used)
ydoublecartesian Y value (if lat/lon not used)
colorstringcolor id name


Show airspace vertical boundaries information:

      <map id="AIRSPACE INFO" name="TMA1" threshold="999">
          <label text="FL195\n-----\n4500" lat="N0505216" lon="E0041014" color="AIRSPACE_INFO_COLOR" />
          <label text="UNL\n-----\nGND"    lat="N0505420" lon="E0042726" color="AIRSPACE_INFO_COLOR" text_pos="S"   />
          <label text="CBA9"               ref="CBA9"                    color="AIRSPACE_INFO_COLOR" text_pos="270" />