arc element

Root Elementmap
radiusfloatradius of the arc in nautical miles
startfloatstart angle (method 1)
endfloatend angle (method 1)
clockwisebooleanDraw arc clockwise if “true” (default: true)
stroke_patterndouble arrayline pattern described in an array of doubles
stroke_widthfloatline width in pixels
stroke_colorstringcolor id name
fill_colorstringcolor id name

Use this element to draw an element with the shape of an arc. There are two methods available for building arcs :

Method 1 : Using center and start/end Requires one <point> element to be the center of the arc. Requires start and end attributes to be set to the desired start and end angles of the arc (in degrees, range 0-360)

Method 1 has a known error, please do not use it until further notice.


<code XML> <arc radius=“10” start=“90” end=“270” clockwise=“false” stroke_color=“black” width=“2”> <point lat=“N0505405” lon=“E0042904”/> </arc> </code>

Method 2 : Using 3 points

Requires three <point> elements. Builds an arc that centers on the first point and passes by the specified two other points.

AIS publications such as AIP's use three-point arcs to define lateral airspace borders. This method is especially designed to allow you to define exactly the same airspace in a map.


Brussels CTR: 504434N 0043404E - an arc of circle, 10 NM radius, centered on 505405N 0042904E and traced clockwise to 505203N 0044435E - 504434N 0043404E.

  <arc radius="10" clockwise="true" stroke_color="ctr">
      <point lat="N0505405" lon="E0042904"/>
      <point lat="N0505203" lon="E0044435"/>
      <point lat="N0504434" lon="E0043404"/>