Aircraft Labels

CURRENT as of 26 MAR 2016

Aircraft labels are defined separately from the colours and symbols used by labels & tracks. The contents and layout of the label may be customised.

Every FIR can specify an unlimited number of label formats. Label formats are defined by the label directory name located in fir/labels/(label_name).xml

Label states

A number of different aircraft states exist, all of which can have a distinct label format:

Airborne labels

  • Default (default - track not affecting sector)
  • Concerned (aircraft planned to enter sector)
  • Assumed (aircraft assumed by sector)
  • Released (aircraft released by sector)
  • Filtered (label of track which is filtered by upper/lower filter)

The default label must be defined as a minimum. All further states are optional and only need to be defined if the label layout for the state differs from the default state. Note that the colours of a track/label state completely are independent.

Ground label

  • Default (unknown route)
  • Arrival (arriving aircraft)
  • Departure (departing aircraft)
  • Vehicle (non-aircraft traffic)

The default label must be defined as a minimum. Further states are optional and follow the logic of the airborne labels.

Label fields

A huge variety of usable fields exist which can be customised to suit the desired visual presentation.

Fields are configured with a number of variables:

tagtext to show when the field is empty
unselectedshow the field when label is not selected
prefixcharacter ahead of field
formatfield format in formatter type (see below)
unitsunit types see below
actionsingle click on the field
doubleactiondouble click on the field
infosecond (right) click on the field


default format for field
Ffor altitude fields places F in front of the altitude if field is FL (F for feet or M for meter) can only be combined with %02d, %03d
Afor altitude fields places A in front of the altitude if field is below TL/TA can only be combined with %02d, %03d
AFwill place a F/M/A in front of the altitude depending on it's type can only be combined with %02d, %03d
%02dformats a field to show 2 numbers (drops last) or pads left if < 2 numbers exist
%03dformats a field to show 3 numbers (drops last) or pads left if < 3 numbers exist
%04dformats a field to show 4 numbers (drops last) or pads left if < 3 numbers exist
%4sformats a character field to take up 4 characters. number can be any numeric value


FLFlight level in the hundreds of steps (380, 330)
FL100Same as above
FL10Flight level in the steps of (38 for FL380 or 33 for F330)
NSpeed in knots full form
KTSSpeed in knots full form
KMHSpeed in km/h full form
KSpeed in km/h full form
N10Speed in knots steps of ten (380 ⇒ 38)
KTS10Speed in knots steps of ten (380 ⇒ 38)
KMH10Speed in km/h steps of ten (750 ⇒ 75)
K10Speed in km/h steps of ten (750 ⇒ 75)
KMH100Speed in km/h steps of hundred (750 ⇒ 7, 1230 ⇒ 12)
K100Speed in km/h steps of hundred (750 ⇒ 7, 1230 ⇒ 12)
Field IDDescriptionUnit
CALLSIGNAircraft Callsign
SICurrent assumed sector
TSSRTransmitted Mode A code
ASSRAssigned Mode A code
ALERTAlert state e.g. EMER, COMAIL
WARNINGWarning state e.g. STCD / MTCD
DUPEDuplicate code alert
ROFRequest on Frequency
ATYPAircraft Type
WTCWeight Turbulence Category
AFLActual level (downlinked)Meters / Feet
DSASelected level (downlinked)
ROCDRate of climb / descent in ft/min
GSGround speed (radar calculated)
ICClimb / descent arrow
IASIndicated Airspeed (downlinked)
HDGHeading (downlinked)
TRACKRadar track
RFLRequested level from flight plan
CFLCleared levelMeters / Feet
CWPCleared waypoint / heading
ASPAssigned Speed
COPNSector entry cleared waypoint
PELSector entry levelMeters / Feet / All
XCOPSector exit cleared waypoint
XFLSector exit levelMeters / Feet / All
NEXTNext sector
ADEPDeparture AD
DRWYDeparture RWY
DGATEDeparture Stand
SIDStandard Departure route
ADESArrival AD
AGATEArrival Stand
STARStandard Arrival route
TEXTFree Text field
TEXT2Free Text field 2
SPACEBlank Space

Label functions

Label fields may be used to call up functions. Three possibilities exist:

ASPSet cleared airspeed
ARWYSet arrival runway
ASTANDSet arrival stand
ASSUMEAssume track
CALLSIGNMENUOpen main callsign menu
CFLSet cleared level
COPNSet coordinated entry point
CWPCleared waypoint / heading
DRWYSet departure runway
DSTANDSet departure stand
EXPLTDraw FP route
FLIGHTPLANShow flightplan window
MARKHighlight the track locally
NEXTSet next controller
NEXTMESet me as next controller
PELPlanned entry level
POINTOUTHighlight the track for all controllers
RELEASERelease track to uncontrolled state
RFLSet Requested Flight Level
ROFSet “Request on Frequency” state
SEPSeparation tool (VERA)
TEXTSet free text field
TEXT2Set free text2 field
TRACKEnable full track history
TRANSFERTransfer track to next controller
XCOPExit coordination point
XFLExit Flight Level