The label.xml files constructs the label. Multiple label files may exist with different names to construct different label layouts, for example app.xml and acc.xml

The (label_name).xml file is located in the fir/labels/ directory

Root Elementlabels
groundlabels shown in ground radar
airbornelabels shown for airborne traffic
Root Element<state>
defaultallStandard label
arrivalgroundlabel for arriving aircraft
departuregroundlabel for departing aircraft
psrairbornelabel for aircraft *not* equipped with a transponder
concernedairbornelabel for aircraft with station set as NEXT
assumedairbornelabel for aircraft assumed by station
releasedairbornelabel for aircraft released by station
filteredairbornelabel for aircraft subject to High/Low filter
Root Elementline
idstringID of label field
unselectedbooleanshow field when label is not selected
prefixstringprefix before field
formatstringformat of field (fstring)
actionstringfunction called by single click
doubleactionstringfunction called by double click
infostringfunction called by right (secondary) click
    <field id="alert"    tag=""      unselected="true" prefix=""   />
    <field id="warning"  tag=""      unselected="true" prefix=" "  />
    <field id="rof"      tag=""      unselected="true" prefix=" "  format="ROF"  />
    <field id="dupe"     tag=""      unselected="true" prefix=" "  format="DUPE" />
    <field id="callsign" tag=""     unselected="true"  prefix=""  action="CALLSIGNMENU" info="CALLSIGNMENU" doubleaction="NEXTME" />
    <field id="si"     	 tag="SI" 	unselected="true"  prefix=" " action="NEXT"         info="NEXT"         doubleaction="NEXTME" />
    <field id="atyp"     tag=""     unselected="true"  prefix=" " action="FLIGHTPLAN" />
    <field id="wtc"      tag=""     unselected="false"  prefix=" " />
    <field id="tssr"     tag=""     unselected="false" prefix=" " action="ASSR" />
    <field id="afl"      tag="***"  unselected="true"  prefix=""   format="%02d" units="FL" />
    <field id="ic"       tag=""     unselected="true"  prefix="" />
    <field id="gs"       tag="---"    unselected="true"  prefix=" "   format="N%03d" units="N" />
    <field id="xcop"     tag="COPX"   unselected="false" prefix=" " action="XCOP" info="EXPLT" />
    <field id="rfl"      tag="RFL"    unselected="false" prefix=" " action="RFL" format="%03d" units="FL" />
    <field id="cfl"      tag="CFL"  unselected="true"  prefix=""  action="CFL" format="%03d" units="FL" />
    <field id="xfl"      tag="XFL"    unselected="false" prefix=" " action="XFL"  info="EXPLT" format="%03d" units="FL" />
    <field id="cwp"      tag="AHDG"   unselected="true"  prefix=" "  action="CWP" />
    <field id="asp"      tag="ASP"   unselected="true"  prefix=" "   action="ASP" format="/%03d" units="KTS" />
    <field id="ades"     tag=""       unselected="false" prefix=" " action="FLIGHTPLAN"/>
    <field id="text"     tag="OP_TEXT"   unselected="false" prefix=""  action="TEXT"  />

Current as of 26 Mar 2016