Intention Codes

The intentioncodes.xml file defines a number of codes which combine a set of rules. Intention codes may be displayed, for example to shorten a string of information ADES=LFPG & ARWY=26L to S or to influence the display colour of labels or list items.

The intentioncodes.xml file is located in the fir/ directory

Root Elementintentions
idstringUnique ID of intention code
dispstringDisplay lettering for intention code. If left blank the ID is used
Root Elementintent
frV / I / IVFlight Rules (I = IFR, V= VFR)
adepstringDeparture aerodrome (1, 2, 3, 4 characters of ICAO code = EB or EBBR)
adesstringArrival aerodrome (1, 2, 3, 4 characters of ICAO code = EB or EBBR)
sidstringAssigned departure route
starstringAssigned arrival route
drwystringAssigned departure runway
arwystringAssigned arrival runway
routestringRoute segment is present: (WPT) (AWY) (WPT)
minrflintegerLowest requested flight level
maxrflintegerHighest requested flight level

Note that this file has not been finalised, format changes may occur