Document Change Record

Date change
05/22/2008document first release
07/13/2008added numerous attributes to map definition
added colors.xml
08/14/2008added schema definitions & added missing documentation for xml files
01/05/2009added text, group attribute to maps & tabs to the map window
05/17/2009added layer attribute to maps
added missing attributes and typo's
added EditiX xml editor
08/26/2009Fixed avbl field in atc.xml
added latitude, longitude information to <point>
09/01/2009Changed <arc> element
added <radialarc> element
10/12/2009Changed date attribute format to comply with schema syntax (config.fir)
added id attribute to <point> element
added points.xml
added XML Copy Editor to list of XML editors
10/14/2009Added offset, skip, number attributes to the radial element
04/11/2010added sub-folders capability to map folder
added country attribute to config.fir fir element
removed colors.xml
added mapcolors.xml sddcolors.xml
15/11/2011SDK documentation migrated to wiki
10/08/2014added label, theme and preset attribute to atc element atc.xml
03/10/2014added (state)_label, (state)_trail color variables to sddcolors.xml
08/02/2015nav element deprecated and replaced by symbol and label element
14/03/2015sectors.xml and sectors added to atc.xml
10/04/2015replaced stipple attribute with pattern attribute
07/06/2015new table of contents
21/07/2015new page: first steps, updated documentation formatting
31/05/2017added draft user manual and general tidy-up of SDK