IVAC2 Frequently Asked Questions

Is IVAC2 available?


However, IVAC2 is still in development. The current public release is a BETA test version as not all features are currently implemented, and there may be still some “bugs”. We believe it is ready for testing so that users can get more experience with the different way of working, as well as providing feedback to us, whilst we continue with the development.

Must I enlist in the DataPrep Program to be able to use IVAC2?

No. IVAC2 is freely available for all IVAO users to be used on the IVAO Network, no extra accounts are needed.

When will IVAC2 be released?

The first public BETA release was made available to download on 02-Jun-2017. It is not yet completed, and may still contain some bugs.

IVAC2 is developed by volunteers in their spare time. Development is still ongoing on the remaining features, as well as identifying and fixing problems, but we have not yet specified a completion date.

How can I learn more?

Visit http://blog.terminal2solutions.com

The development team post periodic updates on the Terminal2Solutions blog.

I'm having problems using the integrated voice features

Check your ATIS. IVAO servers use the first line of your ATIS to send your voice server and channel to pilot clients, so if you haven't filed your ATIS they will not know how to find you; this is just the same with IVAC2 as it used to be with IvAc1.

IVAC2 integrated voice uses the default audio drivers selected in your Operating System. We are aware of a glitch with certain versions of Microsoft Windows that when using USB headsets, even if it is selected as the “Default” device, Windows can revert to a different device being default on reboot.

Check that your microphone and headset volume are set to maximum, and if available, set your Microphone Boost to maximum. You may need to also check your sound-card mixer software to set the microphone and headset sound levels to maximum. Once everything is set to maximum, adjust downwards if necessary to get a comfortable volume. Pilots will typically complain about quiet audio unless microphone volume is not at (or very close to) maximum volume.

There can also be conflicts with other audio software/settings. Some versions of Windows feature a “Communications” tab which can be used to automatically reduce microphone levels when used in communications software such as Skype; we recommend that this feature is turned off. Skype itself also includes a setting to automatically adjust microphone volume, which is also best disabled when using IVAC2 integrated audio.

If all else fails, you can still resort to using TeamSpeak2. In that eventuality, ensure that you disconnect from the integrated voice (so that the voice window background is black rather than green), and that you manually connect to the same TS server that the integrated audio was using (it defaults to the server with the fewest connections in order to properly load-balance the servers… so the TS server cannot be manually changed in the IVAC2 ATIS).

I can't see targets on the ground

IVAC2 can be set to either show or hide ground targets for radar controllers; check the GND button is highlighted if you want to see them on your radar view. If you are an aerodrome controller and using a surface movement radar (SMR) view, you will be zoomed-in sufficiently far that ground targets will be displayed regardless of the GND button.

However, IVAC2 also take the target transponder mode in to account. If targets are squawk standby, they will only appear on the screen if you have turned on Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR). If you don't see ground targets, click the DISPLAY menu button, and ensure that PSR is highlighted in the sub-menu below.

As ACC Controller I cannot set ATIS/TL/TA?

You can set the ATIS for any of the airports in your airspace, and these settings will be used to pre-select the runways in the Datalink Clearance (DCL) dialogue. TA/TL will be automatically calculated based on the details stored for each airport within the FIR DEFinition data.

Note that pilots requesting your ATIS will only see the one for the last airport that you set; the servers do not currently permit multiple airports ATIS to be transmitted.

When I use full screen the other windows sometimes disappear

It is a known issue; the full-screen window will obscure anything else displayed on that monitor. You should put all the secondary windows on to a second monitor; if you only have one monitor, do not use full-screen mode.

Why is the ATIS is not available on webeye for IVAC2 users?

The IVAO servers require an update before they will display ATIS generated by IVAC2.

DCL: What if there would be multiple SIDs possible?

In the latest build you are able to select the prefered SID from a list if mulitple SIDs are possible.

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