DP Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the Lead?

If for some reason you need to temporary or definitively change the Lead of a Team send a mail to [email protected] with the following details:

  • Name of the current Lead
  • Name of the new Lead
  • Reason for change
  • When does the change need to take effect?
  • Is the change temporary?
  • If the change is temporary, what is the expected duration of change?

I lost my password for the DataPrep Portal, how do I reset it?

In case you have lost your account details send a mail to [email protected] Supply us with your full name which you used to register and we will reset your password for you, after which the system will automatically send you a mail containing your new account details.

How do I start a new FIR which does not exist yet in DataPrep?

If you are not part yet of the DataPrep team, register for an account, supply the FIR you would like to access and in the comments section add that you want to start a new FIR. If you already are part of the team just send us a mail with all details. You will be subject to a small interview to see if you can be assigned Lead of that FIR. If not, a Terminal2 Solutions member will temporary assume the role of Lead until the team has matured enough so we can transfer the Lead role to someone from the team itself. Once the request has been handled, Terminal2 Solutions will create the FIR in the DataPrep portal and create the SVN folder.

How can I join another FIR?

If you are already part of the DataPrep Team and you want to join another FIR Team to give them a hand, just request access to that FIR through the Data Preparation Portal (https://dp.terminal2solutions.com) . On the DatePrep Homepage scroll to the section My FIR'S and click the Request Access button.

When you have clicked that button, a new webpage will be presented where you can you can select which FIR you would like to get access to and provide a reason.