asterix.categoryEurocontrol Asterix format category number
asterix.enabledEnable Eurocontrol Asterix format UDP multicast (default=false)
asterix.latitudeSystem center latitude
asterix.longitudeSystem center longitude
asterix.multicast.groupMulticast address to subscribe and listen to (UDP)
asterix.multicast.portUDP Multicast port number
data.airacAIRAC database name (default=./data/airac)
data.inmemoryUse in memory database (default=true)
data.opsOperational database name (default=./data/ops)
data.schema.createAt startup create an empty operational database, erasing previous database (default=true)
data.urlJDBC URL to use to connect to the operational database
data.urloptionsDatabase options
debugEnable debug mode (default=false)
firFIR definition to load at startup
flightprofiler.intervalFlight Profiler job processing runs every n seconds
fpms.init.sizedefault buffer size for n flight plans in FPMS (flight plan management system)
labelTrack label layout
label.ic.climbLabel intention code field (IC) climb symbol in unicode notation
label.ic.descentLabel intention code field (IC) descent symbol in unicode notation
label.ic.defaultLabel intention code field (IC) default symbol (level flight) in unicode notation
menuMain menu layout
menu.positionMenu position (top, bottom)
menu.visibleMenu visible at startup (default=true)
sdd.antioverlap.algoSDD track label anti-overlap algorithm (default=duverger)
sdd.antioverlap.duverger.collision.maxSDD track label anti-overlap algorithm parameter
sdd.antioverlap.duverger.collision.max.penaltySDD track label anti-overlap algorithm parameter
sdd.antioverlap.duverger.leaderpos.penaltySDD track label anti-overlap algorithm parameter
sdd.antioverlap.duverger.leaderpos.penalty.defaultSDD track label anti-overlap algorithm parameter
sdd.antioverlap.duverger.leaderpos.penalty.minspeedSDD track label anti-overlap algorithm parameter
sdd.antioverlap.duverger.marginSDD track label anti-overlap algorithm parameter
sdd.antioverlap.duverger.matrixsizeSDD track label anti-overlap algorithm parameter
sdd.antioverlap.duverger.move.penaltySDD track label anti-overlap algorithm parameter
sdd.antioverlap.duverger.move.penalty.defaultSDD track label anti-overlap algorithm parameter
sdd.filter.bottomHeight filter bottom threshold in flight levels
sdd.filter.enabledHeight filter enabled (default=false)
sdd.filter.highHeight filter high threshold in flight levels
sdd.filter.lowHeight filter low threshold in flight levels
sdd.filter.topHeight filter top threshold in flight levels
sdd.gnd.hideHide tracks with ground bit set (default=false)
sdd.gnd.thresholdZoom level to hide tracks with ground bit set
sdd.halo.sizeDefault HALO size in Nautical Miles
sdd.psr.hideHide primary only tracks (PSR)
sdd.qdm.bearingQDM show bearing value
sdd.qdm.rangeQDM show range value
sdd.qdm.singlelabelQDM single label (true/false)
sdd.qdm.timeQDM show time value
sdd.sep.distanceSeparation tool - show predicted separation distance in Nautical Miles at CPA
sdd.sep.flSeparation tool - show predicted flight level at CPA
sdd.sep.singlelabelSeparation tool - single label (true/false)
sdd.sep.timeSeparation tool - show predicted time until closed point of approach
sdd.velo.othershow VELO for all tracks or only assumed tracks (true/false)
sdd.velo.sizedefault VELO size in minutes (velocity leader line)
tracker.correlation.intervalTracker FPL correlation interval in seconds
tracker.history.enabledKeep track plots history (show complete track)
ui.atclist.alternateRowColorsUse alternate row colors in ATC list
ui.atclist.heightDefault window height in pixels
ui.atclist.refreshATC list refresh interval in seconds
ui.atclist.showgridDraw table grid lines
ui.atclist.widthDefault window width in pixels
ui.cfl.heightCFL (flight level entry popup) Default window height in pixels
ui.cfl.widthCFL (flight level entry popup) Default window width in pixels
ui.fltlist.alternateRowColorsUse alternate row colors in ATC list
ui.fltlist.heightDefault window height in pixels
ui.fltlist.refreshFlight list refresh interval in seconds
ui.fltlist.showgridDraw table grid lines
ui.fltlist.widthDefault window width in pixels
ui.fullscreenStart in full screen mode (true/false)
ui.label.select.hooverMouse hover threshold time in milliseconds before extended label is shown
ui.maps.groupcolumnsnumber of group buttons per row in maps window
ui.maps.mapcolumnsnumber of maps per row in maps window
ui.maps.mapspacingspacing between map buttons
ui.next.heightDefault window height in pixels
ui.next.widthDefault window width in pixels
ui.obslist.alternateRowColorsUse alternate row colors in OBS list
ui.obslist.heightDefault window height in pixels
ui.obslist.refreshOBS list window refresh interval in seconds
ui.obslist.showgridDraw table grid lines
ui.obslist.widthDefault window width in pixels
ui.opengl.rendertext.onpanDraw text when panning (default=true)
ui.opengl.rendertext.onzoomDraw text on zoom (default=true)
ui.opengl.textuse text engine (auto, qt, windows, jsr, jogl)
ui.opengl.usefbouse opengl FBO buffers (true/false)
ui.opengl.zoom.bigzoom step big (shift+zoomwheel)
ui.opengl.zoom.smallzoom step small (mousewheel)
ui.opsload.alternateRowColorsUse alternate row colors in OPSLOAD window
ui.opsload.bar.colorOPS load bar color (RGB hexadecimal)
ui.opsload.bar.maximumMaximum value for OPS load bar indicator
ui.opsload.heightDefault window height in pixels
ui.opsload.refreshOPS load window refresh interval in seconds
ui.opsload.showgridDraw table grid lines
ui.opsload.widthDefault window width in pixels
ui.pnt.heightPNT entry popup default window height in pixels
ui.pnt.widthPNT entry popup default window width in pixels
ui.refreshratedefault SDD refreshrate in seconds
ui.styleUser interface style
ui.textin.broadcastcolorTEXT IN foreground color for broadcast messages
ui.textin.freqcolorTEXT IN foreground color for radio text messages on main frequency
ui.useSystemAAFontSettingsSystemAAFont option enabled (true/false)
ui.window.frame.bordersizeWindow frame border size in pixels
ui.window.frame.colorWindow frame background color
ui.window.frame.icondownWindow frame icon down state color
ui.window.frame.iconmarginWindow frame icon margin in pixels
ui.window.frame.iconoffsetWindow frame icon offset in pixels
ui.window.frame.iconsizeWindow frame icon size in pixels
ui.window.frame.iconupWindow frame icon up state color
ui.window.frame.showtitleShow title in window frame
ui.window.frame.titleWindow frame title foreground color
ui.window.start.xDefault window position X value
ui.window.start.yDefault window position Y value