The ATIS dialogue is used to set the aerodrome traffic information service for airports in the FIR:

  • AIRPORT - Select one of the airports in the FIR for which you wish to provide an ATIS.
  • Note that IVAC2 can provide ATIS for multiple airports at the same time; you may complete the details for one airport, save it, and then continue to complete the details for another airport. However, due to a limitation of the FSD server, only the *LAST* ATIS you complete will be passed to pilots requesting your ATIS.
  • ATIS - The information letter, which automatically increments each time you update (save) the ATIS. You can change it to the required letter by selecting from the drop-down menu.
  • TYPE - Each airport with an ATIS specified, can either be just for arriving (ARR), departing (DEP) or both (ARR/DEP). If you no-longer wish to provide an ATIS for an airport which you have previously specified, set it to NONE.
  • TA - The transition altitude for the specified airport should be auto-selected from the FIR DEF data, but may be manually specified here.
  • TRL - The transition level for the specified airport should be auto-calculated from the FIR DEF data, but may be manually specified here.
  • APPROACH - The type of approach should be specified if you are providing an ARR or ARR/DEP ATIS. You should then select the runway, condition, visual range (RVR) and up to two additional notes for each approach in use.
  • DEPARTURE - The runway, condition, and visual range (RVR) and up to two additional notes may be specified for each departure runway in use.
  • OPS TEXT - Any additional notes which need to be included at the end of the ATIS may be manually included here.
  • PREVIEW - This is the text which will be transmitted to pilots requesting the ATIS for the airport; it gradually updates as changes are made to the dialogue entries above. It will automatically include the current METAR for the specified airport.
  • SAVE - Updates the ATIS so that changes are visible to pilots.

Note that due to a fault with the way WebEye handles ATIS parsing, IVAC2 ATIS will not show on Webeye. It is however available in IVAP using .atis

See our short tutorial video on using ATIS in IVAC2.